Compressed air is one of the indispensable elements of the industry today.It is intensively used as a power resource in production processes, pneumatic systems and mechanical activities.

There are millions of contaminants in 1 m3 of compressed air used in the industry. The main pollutants expected to be present in compressed air systems are water vapour, oil vapour ,dust, rust, scale, atmospheric pollution (smoke ) and micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses. The concentration of these pollutants are 8 times denser in compressed air, compared to atmospheric air. If compressed air is not filtered, all these pollutants will cause damage in the pneumatic systems, reduce life time of the equipment, cause work time losses and will even cause problems in product quality. Consequently, increased maintenance and replacement costs will reduce efficiency.

With Airmaster Compressed Air Filters it is possible to minimize the risks and losses caused by the contaminants and compressed air can be filtered with optimum costs negligible next to the value of your sensitive pneumatic equipment and expensive machinery.

Airmaster Filters are one of the most important components of the compressed air systems.